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Photo: Tennessee Volunteers new 3D billboard is larger than life

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We’re not sure whether this is supposed to pump up the Rocky Top faithful, or simply serve as a prop in another low-budget SyFy Channel original film. Either way, it’s happening.

The Tennessee Volunteers have spent a lot of time and money working to breath new life into a downtrodden football program as first year coach Butch Jones prepares for the 2013 season.

We have already seen new “smokey gray” uniforms, as well as a bright orange team bus.

Both the bus and the new billboard read, “I will give my all for Tennessee today!” However, while the bus will be a rolling source of team pride, the billboard has to be eye-catching from the highway, seeing as it’s not moving anywhere.

Thus the giant hand. It is a homage to the sign the players slap while jogging out of the locker room and onto the field on game days.

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  • Sam L. Brown

    Thanks to our new energetic coaching staff we are regaining our lost Macho and Swagger and with this restored the slogan again will inspire the kids and us fans to “Give their all for Tennessee” win, lose or draw.

    Take note friends we are on our way back and that is a fact.

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