Terrelle Pryor is not happy with how he was treated by Ohio State

Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After it was discovered that star quarterback Terrelle Pryor had sold merchandise in exchange for tattoos, Ohio State worked to remove their branding from his name. His coach, Jim Tressel, was fired. Pryor was suspended for five games of his senior season, but chose instead to enter the NFL’s supplemental draft.

All of this after leading the Buckeyes to a 31-4 record as starter and three Big Ten titles. He set school records for touchdown passes (57) and rushing yards by a quarterback (2,164), and even beat Michigan three times. Obviously, the current Oakland Raiders starter is not happy with how everything went down.

“That’s my school, but they don’t really accept me,” Pryor told The Columbus-Dispatch. “I’ve moved on to what I have now, and that’s just football.”

Such a statement is innocuous enough. The budding star out by the Bay wants to focus on what he has now. However, a short while later the interview was cut short by a team official.

“Those guys kicked me out of school after all those things I did for them,” Pryor said.

The indignation in his voice spurred a Raiders official to step in and cut off a question from a Dispatch reporter.

“Guy, we’re not going to talk about Ohio State right now,” said the Oakland official, sending Pryor out the locker-room door.

One of the reasons Ohio State even came up is because the Buckeyes were nearby, taking on Cal in Berkeley. No one involved with the OSU program could have given the former superstar a free ticket, however – that is one of the stipulations of the five-year ban the school placed him on.

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