An Auburn Tigers tramp stamp was spotted … on a man [Photos]

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Photo courtesy @nachomamabgid

And to think, here you were, innocently under the belief that the worst thing about Auburn was its on-field product in 2012.

Well, if this dude’s — yes, dude’s — tramp stamp does not give War Eagle’s 0-8 SEC season a run for its money, then nothing will.

No idea if this is a die-hard fan or a guy that lost one of the most undeniably ill-advised bets of all time.

All we do know, of course, that this is one real, honest-to-goodness epic fail.

But is this as bad as the recruit who got a massive Auburn tattoo and then rescinded his commitment to the Tigers?

Photo courtesy @nachomamabgid

Most. Epic. Fail. Ever.

And just think, one day he is going to be lurching around some assisted living community and some other old dude with weak vision is going to see that wrinkly tattoo and think it might be a good day for a little blue pill … okay, that’s gross, but you get the idea.

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