Terry Crews Was An Artist Long Before Football and Old Spice Commercials

Old Spice pitchman, seasoned actor and former football player, Terry Crews, is a man of many talents.

On a recent appearance with Jimmy Kimmel, Crews talked about his unknown career path when he thought he wouldn’t make it the world of football.

Long before football and acting, Crews pursued a career in art as he was an extremely talented artist using pencils, paint and more.

Because he was drafted in the 11th round of the NFL, Crews figured his time playing football would be short lived. So he would sell paintings on the side for as much as $5,000.

Terry Crews Was A Painter?

In the interview, Crews said it would take about two months to complete a painting and many of his teammates would buy a painting out of guilt, until they saw the amazing end result.

In fact, Crews was also a former court room sketch artist and had an art scholarship before he ever had a football scholarship.

Crews said it was a humbling experience but he was willing to do any kind of work in order to make it. Safe to say he’s applied that work ethic to create a hugely successful life for him and his family.

Watch the full interview below…