Texas fans selling Charlie Strong ‘Black Is The New Brown’ t-shirts

So this is actually happening. A (presumed) Texas fan is celebrating the hiring of new head coach Charlie Strong by selling these “Black Is The New Brown” t-shirts on Etsy for $19.95. Strong recently replaced former head coach Mack Brown, who spent 16 years at the helm in Austin.

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The shirt’s description calls for the Longhorns to “celebrate Charlie Strong’s arrival in style.”

After 16 years as head coach of the Longhorns, Mack Brown is stepping down to make way for Charlie Strong as the new head coach. Celebrate Charlie Strong’s arrival in style.

We can’t imagine that the university, or Strong for that matter, is too excited over this creation.

charlie strong black is new brown t shirt

[Thanks to @jdhowa2 for the hat tip]

  • ronniethroneberry

    Whoever is responsible for this shirt should be in jail. What an insult to to Mack Brown and Charlie Strong!!!!!

    • areweg

      sad.. glad to be an aggie!!

    • Johnny Rico

      What crime did they commit?

      • shakingmyhead

        true, being a total asshole is not a crime.

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  • 7skuareoff

    You have to be white to be considered racist in Yankee Ameruhca.

    I’ve read a lot of trash from effing Yankees as to why the
    University of Texas couldn’t steal a known coach from
    another major university football team.

    First off, let’s put the firing of Mack Brown in perspective.
    From 1969 to 1972, twelve men walked on the moon, and
    two men successfully coached a NCAA Division I college
    football team to an AP consensus national championship,
    and one of them was Darrel.Royal at UT, TWICE. Fewer
    men have coached a NCAA Division I college football
    team to a national championship than have flown into
    space, throughout the entire history of American college
    football. That’s a pretty damned exclusive club.

    When one of Those men, a coach as well respected and
    admired as Mack Brown, gets summarily fired and treated
    as shabbily as Coach Brown was by Steve Patterson, the
    punk a#$ new athletic director at Texas; other coaches
    stand up and take notice. When your AD passes over an
    entire staff of experienced and successful assistant
    coaches and goes outside the program to hire a relative
    unknown as head coach, assistant coaches stand up and
    take notice, too. I don’t wonder one bit why no one from an
    established program wanted to work with Patterson.

    It ain’t UT or its culture that other college coaches have a
    problem with. I wish coach Strong all the success at UT that
    his predecessors enjoyed. I hope he gets to work with a
    better AD than coach Brown did.

  • Tha Real Mack G

    I want one of those T-Shirts……where can I get one at?