Texas fans make website calling for Nick Saban in 2014: ‘Less Clapping, More Trophies’

nick saban texas alabama website

What the heck is the photo you’re looking at above? We’re glad you asked.

That is the homepage of nicksaban-texasfootball.com, a real site dedicated to – you guessed it – wrestling this era’s most successful coach away from Tuscaloosa and over to Austin.

Why the site is calling for 2014? Obviously, these Longhorns fans have zero faith in current and longtime coach Mack Brown to continue to build upon the nine wins the program compiled a year ago. Many perceive 2013 as a make-or-break season for Brown, and apparently these fans are counting on the “break.”

But here’s the thing: Both Brown and Saban are signed to their respective schools through the 2020 season.

So, yeah, we’re not saying this website is a waste of virtual space, but it may definitely be wishful thinking.

[H/T: College Football Reddit]

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    No to Sabin.