Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown continues to whine

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The Longhorns 2012 football season has been anything but a breeze, despite the shiny 7-2 record through its first nine games.

That said, after winning by the skin of its teeth or losing embarrassingly all year, quarterback David Ash finally put together a great game – as did Browns’s defense and running game – in winning a tough road contest at a ranked Texas Tech squad.

However, instead of putting on a happy face and chatting up a few reporters about his up-and-coming young squad, Brown sounded more old and crotchety than ever on Monday afternoon.

After taking far too much time out of his schedule to complain about the Longhorns Network earlier in the season, Brown, without being prompted, took ever more time away from game planning for Iowa State to tell the world that the Big 12 probably should take a look at how disrespectful the upside-down horns makes him feel.

If Brown is so offended by simple taunting on the part of a heated rival such as Oklahoma, perhaps he should consider beating them on the football field.

So bemused are a few of the Sooners with Brown’s worries, defensive end R.J. Washington did not hesitate to call it as he saw it:

“It sounds like Texas whining, like they’re always whining.”

You said it, Washington, not me. Of course, if Brown is becoming too sensitive for the sport in his old age, perhaps it might be time to look into a tamer, softer sport, far away from the battle on the gridiron.

We may not know much over here at Oklahoma Gamedayr, but we do know a few things.

One of those is that should Brown decide to take up yoga or Tai-Chi, he had better not do it anywhere near Norman, because the upside-down horns run just as deep in Oklahoma as ancient exercise techniques run across the world.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000279975238 Kevin Bevo Lewis

    Have you ever watched a game with stoops the doops on the sideline? Sometimes I think he’s gonna call a timeout just so he can cry.He is the biggest whiner in the whole entire world.Little crybaby punk is all he is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mjctexas Mick Campise

    With you land thieves filling your roster full of TEXANS what the fu*k are you complaining about? A hater is a hater is a hater. Your not going anywhere this season either so WTF?

  • Seth

    I just love how opposing teams can horns down all they want without being called on a taunting penalty, but as soon as we start goin after guns up after scoring we are instantly smacked for 15 yards. I think Mack has a case.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.pistocco Brian Pistocco

    Mack is simply saying “what’s good for the goose….. TEXAS get’s penalized for holstering the tech guns…so where’s the line here folks….unless your the gander….