Texas regents have reportedly talked with Nick Saban’s agent

Photo: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Associated Press’ Jim Vertuno, regents from the University of Texas spoke with Nick Saban’s agent in January of 2013. Regent Wallace Hall reportedly talked with Jimmy Sexton in regards to Saban potentially being the next head coach of Texas.

Regent Wallace Hall of Dallas told the AP he spoke by telephone with agent Jimmy Sexton a few days after the Jan. 7 game. Tom Hicks, a former regent who is the brother of current Regent Steve Hicks, also was on the call. Tom Hicks, the former owner of the Texas Rangers, the Dallas Stars and the English professional soccer team Liverpool, was a regent in 1997 when Brown came to Texas and was instrumental in hiring him away from North Carolina.

Following his conversations with Sexton, Hall then met with coach Mack Brown about stepping down as the Longhorns coach.

Two days after the call with Sexton, Tom Hicks met with Brown over lunch and told him about the call, according to several people who spoke with the AP. He asked Brown if he was ready to retire.

Vertuno mentions that there is no confirmation on whether Hall contacted Sexton, or vice versa.

With Brown’s seat heating up more than ever, and Saban putting together another national title contender, rumors have begun to swirl that Texas could make a run at the biggest fish in the sea.

Whether or not the Longhorns part ways with Brown, or if Saban will actually be interested in moving on from Alabama, remains to be seen. The fact that there has been contact, however, adds an interesting twist to the ongoing rumor mill.