Texas Tech fans prank Tommy Tuberville, fax Cincy steakhouse menu instead of LOI [Photos]

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Newly hired Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville is still dealing with the residual effects of burning Texas Tech fans. (Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports)

Tommy Tuberville is known within college football coaching circles as a defensive mastermind. He can recruit great players, and he has proven that he can win games, no matter where he is coaching.

But that’s just the thing — the man simply has no loyalty.

And Texas Tech fans (and recruits) bore witness to that first-hand.

Back in December, Tuberville hosted three potential recruits to a nice steak dinner in Lubbock. However, the coach got up in the middle of it, told these young men that he was going to the bathroom, and never came back to their table. Cincy and Tuberville have denied such happenings, but the recruits say otherwise.

He had literally ditched out on these guys in order to hop on a plane and take the vacant head coaching job at Cincinnati.

Red Raiders Nation was stung by Tuberville’s actions probably more deeply than these recruits. Thus, some of those fans took the opportunity on Wednesday to at least show Tuberville a bit of his own medicine. These fans actually faxed over a full menu from the steakhouse the coach had skipped out on, leaving three teenagers confused and without a guy to pick up the expensive tab.

Generally speaking, a fax would never receive the attention of a big-time head coach. However, Wednesday was also National Signing Day, when 20 or more young men are expected to fax in their letters of intent to the schools of their choice.

Thus, instead of hearing from one of the high school stars he was hoping to bring to the Bearcats, Tuberville got a steak menu.

Sometimes, karma comes in the form of a delicious meal. Other times, karma comes faxed in a menu and is a big ole B-word.

We’re safely going to assume Tuberville used a few B-words after receiving this fax.

h/t: Bush League Chronicle

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