The Black Keys are the greatest Little League sponsor of all time

black keys sponsor baseball team 2

Photo via West Akron Baseball and Softball League/Facebook

Who sponsored your Little League baseball team? Was it some random local hardware store? What about a diner? Admittedly, this blogger’s team was sponsored by a place called Mario’s Pizza, and we had the greatest post-game dinners of all time.

Even that glorious year of sponsorship, however, pales in comparison to the single greatest set of Little League jerseys we’re pretty sure we’ll ever see.

The photo above was taken by the West Akron Baseball and Softball League. It shows a group of arguably the coolest group of Little Leaguers in America.

Seriously, how many young stars have you ever seen with a Grammy-winning rock band as their sponsor? For whatever reason, the one and only Black Keys decided to fork over the cash to sponsor a team in its hometown of Akron, Ohio, and the result is a set of t-shirts that should remain with these kids forever.

Wait for it, it gets even better. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have promised the players that the bandmates will autograph the jerseys once their season is over, according to TMZ.

That is quite a step up from post-game pizzas.

[H/T: CBS Sports]