The Simpsons give the SEC stereotyping treatment, Take 2 [Photo]

the simpsons college drawings SEC conference 2013

All week, the various big-time collegiate conferences have been drawn as Simpsons characters in hilarious stereotypical satires by Reddit users (say that 10 times fast).

After breaking out uber-clever takes on the ACC, Big 12 and the Big Ten‘s schools, the SEC did not get the same love. Instead, a drawing was unveiled that featured 13 Cletus’ all pointing at one another and one Professor Frink that represented Vanderbilt.

Well, the SEC got a second go at it, but, unfortunately, LSU did not. The Tigers got the Cletus’ treatment in both drawings, ouch.

Wonder how Georgia Bulldogs fans feel about being a far less intimidating dog? Or how rival Florida feels about being a third-rate celebrity, Troy McClure?

We’re loving Mizzou right now; the Tigers’ football team proved ill-prepared for the toughness that is SEC football, and its Simpsons character, good ole’ Gil, reflects that.

Of course, no matter what we’re talking about, Alabama casts its ‘Evil Empire’ shadow over everybody — just like the Simpsons character everyone hates, Mr. Burns.

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