2013 BCS Orange Bowl: Florida State vs Northern Illinois tickets currently less than a Subway footlong

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Photo courtesy StubHub

Got a little cash left over from the ACC Championship Game? Why not spring big on the BCS Orange Bowl?

North Carolina was deemed ineligible for postseason play due to various academic improprieties before the season even kicked off, and when Miami chose to rule themselves ineligible as well — ahead of suspected NCAA sanctions anyways — Georgia Tech, at 6-6, was ushered into the ACC Championship game by some metaphorical usher with a sense of humor.

Florida State fans were not amused.

Nor did they buy tickets.

The ACC Championship game, held in Charlotte, had tickets going for as little as three bucks. Seriously. It cost more to simply download the tickets off of StubHub ($4.95) than to buy them in the first place.

Well, once again Seminoles fans seem to have gotten the shaft, drawing Northern Illinois after winning their first ACC Championship since 2005. The ‘Noles will be playing the Huskies instead of a marquee opponent such as Oregon, Kansas State or Oklahoma.

And once again, the prices of the tickets to the game reflect that — you read that right, that is a $2.95 ticket to one of the nation’s premier bowl games. On the very same page it costs $10.00 to watch some random basketball games.

This is made even more pathetic/sad/mind-boggling by the fact that an anonymous Notre Dame alum recently donated $400,000 to make the 2,500 tickets available to the Irish student body. Instead of $300, the student tickets will be $150 and doled out in a lottery.

The good news, is, of course, the three Huskies fans out there should have no problem scoring tickets to the first BCS bowl ever for a team out of the Mid-American Conference, so that’s cool.

h/t Reddit/CFB

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