Tiger Woods was hammered drunk at the Met Gala, now the memes attack

Photo via The Superficial.

Photo via The Superficial.

Tiger Woods reportedly got crazy amounts of drunk at the 2013 Met Gala. It was his first public appearance with new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, and it was definitely one to remember (or forget?).

Now that the drunk photos have hit the ole’ interwebs, the next logical step was for the memes to fly on in.

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Unconfirmed word out of the Woods’ crew is that he still hasn’t stopped smiling. Hopefully these memes will make him smile even more.


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tiger woods drunk memes

tiger woods drunk memes 1

tiger woods drunk memes 2

tiger woods drunk memes 3

tiger woods drunk memes 4

tiger woods drunk memes 7

tiger woods drunk meme

tiger woods drunk memes 6[Photos courtesy The Superficial, Memes via Quickmeme]

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  • The Salmon Slayer

    A report like the one on Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn (see above) are BS. Some reporter trying to justify his job. It’s nothing…….

    • Reality

      Uh multiple reports are saying he was wasted. I like the dude and have no problem with him enjoying himself but it’s not like it didn’t happen.

      • Sylvia Richardson

        So, because the media reports that Tiger was drunk, it has to be true! PLEASE!!! How many so-called stories the media has put out there have turned out to be untrue. And, even if it was, he’s not the first adult to get tipsy on a night out, and he surely won’t be the last. What I personally don’t like about this incident, is that Tiger mus realize that the media and his haters would latch onto anything that shows him in a negative light and, if this story is true, then he has given them fodder to use against him. He just can’t continue to shoot himself in the foot because he must know by now that there millions of people in America just waiting for him to falter – again!

  • Scott Soluri

    Our stupid media trying to validate their egos again. True or not, WHO Cares????? He’s of legal age, was not driving, and I’m sure everybody there had some champagne. Shut Up and report on real problems like the way our country is being run

  • http://www.facebook.com/pudgy.ashburton Pudgy Ashburton

    tiger just celebrating another conquering of a hot, white woman.

    • Robert Vasquez

      The Man is Chingon,he know what white women want ……

  • http://www.facebook.com/larry.dalzell Larry Dalzell

    Whether she’shot is a?, just another white woman, and as Pudgy states, who cares. Should be more newsworth items.

  • Viator16

    Tiger and Lindsey deserve each other. Sin begets sin.

  • Dr.Love.

    With Tiger’s kind of money I would get Hammered to. I am just a man.