Tigers Woods is ‘Back’ on the cover of Sports Illustrated [Photo]

Photo via Twitter (@SInow).

Photo via Twitter (@SInow) and SiCovers.com.

For the 22nd time in the illustrious career of Tiger Woods, one of the greatest to ever hit the links graces the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’ as the sports world gears up for The Masters.

The title, “Back”, coupled with Tiger’s pose is supposed to hold whatever meaning one can glean from it: Woods is ‘back’ to No. 1, for example.

Or, of course, Tiger is ‘back’ on track to winning more major tournaments than any golfer ever has.

The magazine’s feature story, written by Michael Rosenberg, includes a quote from the man himself, who believes he can win more than 20 big-time golf events. That number would blow away the 18 he needs to set the all-time record.

If Woods were to make that happen, only one more question would remain: Would the public at large be ‘back’ to respecting him?

h/t: CBS Sports

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