Tim Tebow informs NY Jets that he will no longer be part of the ‘wildcat’ package

Tim Tebow has told the Jets thanks, but no thanks. Could Jacksonville be in the QB’s future? (Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports)

With each day that passes, the Jets and head coach Rex Ryan’s intentions to use Tim Tebow as a quarterback become ever more clear.

The latest decisions by the staff to name Greg McElroy as the starting quarterback has all but assured Tebow’s departure from town, as well as frustrated the quarterback to the point that he has “opted out of the wildcat.”

According to ESPN New York:

New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow was so frustrated when the starting job was conferred upon Greg McElroy early last week that he told the coaches he didn’t want to be used in any Wildcat packages Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, multiple Jets sources told ESPNNewYork.com.

Can you blame Tebow for the move? If he wants to have any sort of future in the NFL the last thing he wants to do is risk injury for a franchise that threw him under the bus.

The topic was brushed over following the Jets 27-17 loss to the Chargers, but according to ESPN New York, Tebow told the coaches cut and dry that he wouldn’t be used “situationally.”

As of Saturday night, Tebow to the Jaguars is a “virtual certainty.”

What do you think of Tebow’s decision to opt out of the Wildcat? Sound off below!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/doug.roper Doug Roper

    I think Tebow handle himself with poise all year long. He did what he was asked to do. It’s clear now that Rex never intended to use Tebow as a Quarterback and never will. He has been humiliated on and off the field by Rex and corp. So we as Christians are suppose to be trampled on and be silent.
    I could tell early on in the year that Tebow was not happy with the arrangement but he played on like a trooper but the Quarterback shake up for Sunday against the Chargers was the last straw. I back him a 100%

  • Dustin Grimes

    As do I, im proud of Tim Tebow for standing up for himself. I hope he can turn around his career with Jaguars.

  • JoanB

    He has handled all of their ignorance with grace and composure, much better than I would have. I say, bring him to Jacksonville where he can be appreciated for all of the intangibles that he brings to the game!

  • Ed

    It is funny the story comes from the Jets and not Tebow. These were the same people the coach called cowards for not being willing to put their name behind their words and now its the front office!

  • http://www.facebook.com/wesley.smith.1004837 Wesley Smith

    That’s a real class organization the NY Jets have there!!! No wonder they’re cellar dwellers and always will be!