Sign the official petition to grant Tim Tebow asylum in Jacksonville [Photo]


Well, at the moment the petition does not exactly have the amount of signatures necessary to force President Obama to take any action on the ongoing Tebow-to-Jaguars saga, but every 1,000 mile journey starts with the first step, right?

Then again, if Tebow really were to end up in his home town of Jacksonville (which is all but a certainty at this point), The Chosen One would not be walking, but escorted on a personal jet.

But the point remains: Florida loves their two-time national champion and Heisman Trophy winner. Now there are fans out there that are really proving it.

Will this petition actually grow legs, or is it a silly sidebar in a real conversation on the future of a former first-round draft pick?

Let us know in the comments below!

*To sign the petting: CLICK HERE*

Tebow refutes claims that he opted out of playing quarterback in the Jets’ Wildcat formation.

  • Lori Smith Moffet

    it would be great if the Jacksonville coach WANTED HIM AND NOT YET ANOTHER OWNER