Tim Tebow offered $30,000 to chuck footballs at windows

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The crazy and unusual contract offers for Tim Tebow continue to pour in. First it was the Legends Football League (formerly known as Lingerie), then it was the Omaha Beef and now Tebow may have the most bizarre contract offer yet.

This time, however, it doesn’t actually involve suiting up for a football team. Rather, it just requires Tebow to throw some footballs at windows.

That’s right, according to CBS Sports, Florida-based hurricane window protection company Storm Stoppers wants “The Chosen One” to toss balls at their windows.

Tebow’s latest offer doesn’t involve coaching football or playing football, but it does involve throwing a football. A Florida-based hurricane window protection company is offering Tebow $30,000 to throw footballs at their window protection covers, according to CBS-affiliate WKMG in Orlando.

All Tebow would have to do to earn the money is show up at a few expos in Florida over the next six months and throw a football at full speed at the company’s window protection covers. Somehow, this would prove to people that the window covers are hurricane proof.

Of the $30,000 offered, $20,000 will go to Tebow, while the other $10,000 will be donated to the Tebow Foundation.

So, to recap, all Tebow has to do is make a few appearances, chuck a few balls at some windows, and he gets to collect 30-large. Sounds like any typical kids play day.

Despite all of the criticism, it’s still good to be Tebow.

On another note, since when did throwing footballs at windows become the standard for proving that they’re hurricane proof? Shouldn’t Tebow be chucking two-by-fours at them?

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