NY Jets to explore trading Tim Tebow

The Tim Tebow to New York Jets experiment has failed miserably. Is it necessarily Tebow’s fault, no. Is he unfortunately the victim of bad circumstances, yes.

With all that being said, it seems as if it’s time for Tebow to move on. The Jets will reportedly look at making changes to their quarterback situation, which likely means trading/releasing both Tebow and even Mark Sanchez (barring his terrible contract situation).

Where Tebow will land and whether a team is willing to give the unorthodox quarterback a shot is still in question. The Jacksonville Jaguars seem like the sure-fire bet to pick up the former Florida Gator, but compared to last season with the Broncos, Tebow is no longer quite as sexy of a prospect.

Bill Polian had the following analysis of Tebow:

“He is really a good football player. He is everything you want as a football player. He is not a National Football League Quarterback.”

From this fan’s point of view, there is only a select few quarterbacks in the league that are going to win you a championship. Outside of say 4-or-5 elite players, everyone else is basically run of the mill. If the NFL is a business, you might as well bring in Tebow because he will fill the stands to the brim each and every game. He gives you more upside than say a Chad Henne or Blaine Gabbert, because neither of those two have a realistic shot at lifting the Lombardi Trophy.

What are your thoughts, would you give Tebow a shot? Sound off below!

Sources: ESPN

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cappy-MacPherson/100000525911356 Cappy MacPherson

    Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Jaguars could use a shot in the arm like this!

  • Joe

    I say he becomes a Jaguar or a Buccaneer. Either would be a boost to the teams attendance as well as bringing a winning attitude to the program. Jacksonville would benefit more because of demographics as well the need for a big local name to bring in the fans. Bucs have Freeman who is a great talent, but the play calling has to improve no matter who the QB is.

    • TroyF

      I agree Freeman wil probably win a super bowl, just not with the bucs.

  • ray

    I say he needs to become a staint

  • http://www.facebook.com/jimmie.r.boyd Jimmie Robert Boyd

    i think the jets are stupid they are or can be a good be a good football team. tebow has proven himself before he took the broncos to the secound round in the playoffs. the jets should either use him or loose him. i want to see him go to a team that will use him no matter what team he has always been a winner and will continue to be a winner with any given chance

  • BeJay

    Jacksonville Jags, please. He will not only boost their sales, but will give some leadership to that team. They have nothing to lose…the Jaguars are sinking fast.

  • jaxjagkat

    I don’t want to see Tebow in Jacksonville at all. If it takes one man to fill our stadium, then our fans are some sorry excuses for fans. Mr. Kahn, let’s go for an NFL calibur QB not a pretty boy, ex-Gator!!!