ESPN’s Todd Blackledge roasted for insensitive Penn State tweet [NSFW]

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On Thursday, ESPN’s Todd Blackledge shocked us here at Gamedayr by sending out a tweet comparing the horrific crimes at Penn State in a positive light against the recent slew of pay-for-play scandals at other schools.

As it turns out, we were not the only ones offended by Blackledge’s completely insensitive remark. First, the tweet in question. Below, the roasting begins.

Turn up the heat, people…




































And last but not least …


  • TruthHurts

    *Sarcastic slow clap* Wow! I’m reminded why I stay away from that cesspool known as twitter as it is populated almost entirely by illiterate hatemongers. Football culture wasn’t the problem at PSU, Sandusky’s sickness was the problem and he exploited children wherever he could, most of the time not at PSU. Did you see the story that Paterno’s involvement in any alleged cover-up was entirely disproven by the prosecution? What about the fact that Sandusky didn’t actually rape victim #2 in 2001 (acquitted), though he was convicted for inappropriately showering with him? [I would guess that the 2000 “janitor” incident gets overturned on appeal for prosecutorial misconduct and logical inconsistencies] Remember that time when Louis Freeh (former FBI director who lead massive cover-ups, falsely accused a man in public without evidence of being the ’96 Olympic bomber, etc, etc) compiled a thorough and comprehensive report? I don’t, because he hasn’t (FIFA, etc, etc). His executive summary is completely unsupported by his own report, which his team didn’t actually do any investigative work, they just accepted material from PA OAG investigators (I wish I got paid $6+ million for letting someone else do my job for me). Spanier, et. al. have not been convicted of anything yet (and it is unlikely they will based on the available evidence). Please, stop with the nonsense that PSU has a football culture worse than any other major D1 program and that is what caused poor children to be molested. Those children were victimized because Sandusky is a sick man and the services in place to protect the children were ineffective and possibly even complicit. *Disclaimer: I have not, do not, and will never support the sexual exploitation of children. I believe in justice based on due process and the premise of innocent until proven guilty (by a court of law, not the media or court of public opinion). Also, I am not a PSU alum. I don’t even like football that much.*

    • fair election

      Actually the charge Sandusky was convicted on indecent assault, unlawful contact with minor, corruption of minors, endangering a child’s welfare. Which includes a felony. Not just “showering” It takes a special kind of vile cretin to dismiss sex crimes against children this way. Espc

      The prosecution did not address other charges that legal experts say Joe Pa would have faced, such as child endangerment. And given that he was not investigating Joe Pa, he was investigating Sandusky means he was not looking at all the evidence.

      But do continue your groveling idolatry. It is so amusing to see what moronic agreement the last Joe Paterno defenders are coming up with

      • Truthhurts

        I guess you missed the 60 Minutes /Showtime program 2 weeks ago that featured an interview with state attorney Frank Fina and Joe McGettigan, who prosecuted the child sexual abuse case against Jerry Sandusky.

        Asked whether Paterno was part of the “conspiracy to conceal,” Fina said:

        “I do not. And — and I — I’m viewing this strictly on the evidence, not any kind of fealty to anybody. I did not find that evidence.”
        Nice try Lynch mob. Keep following ESPN like a little sheep.

        • fair election

          I guess you missed the part where I pointed out you equate Indecent assault on a child with “Showering” How nice to see the kind of vile lying cretins that support Joe Pa these days.

          And congratulations. Fina was talking about covering up the crime, he did not mention the child endangerment charge at all.

          Thanks for playing

  • Ellwood

    There was nothing insensitive about Todd Blackledge’s tweets. What’s insensitive is the hate mongering you’ve done by gathering all the ignorant assholes in one place. I am curious why you didn’t include any of the tweets in support of Todd and his statements. Why is that? Are you as ignorant as those who’s tweets you posted? Or are you just another lazy whore using Penn State to generate a few web hits?

    • fair election

      Strangely enough, there is so little support for these tweets that Blackledge had to take down the original tweet and do a massive backtracking. When one posts a tweet equating paying players to a situation where sex crimes against children were covered up, there is very little support among people who actually give a damn about the safety of children

      • Ellwood

        You seem to be confused, Blackledge was comparing the reports that came out last week to the actual culture at PSU, Not the fairy tale “cover-up” you mentioned. If you truly cared about the safety of children you might want to find out what actually happened at PSU. The ‘blame the football program’ BS covers up the actual crimes and keeps children in harms way.

        • fair election

          Actually none of the charges at other schools include covering up for a child predator, there is really no comparison now is there. And again thanks for ignoring the fact that Blackledge had to take down the original tweet. Nothing does quite say groveling dolt quite like ignoring facts. Thanks for playing

          • Ellwood

            You again are referencing the fairy tale. Excuse me if I put no stock in the popularity of a statement as a metric for it’s validity.
            Your final tactic is to resort to name calling and be dismissive? Poorly played. Please, try harder next time.