Dentyne shows Indiana coach Tom Crean some love after he drops gum

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Photo courtesy Tom Crean’s Twitter page

Tom Crean has pulled off a massive turnaround with the historically dominant Indiana Hoosiers basketball program.

However, it has become pretty obvious that it has taken a complete, total, 100-percent focus year-round to bring the Hoosiers all the way back to the top.

One does not earn a No. 1-preseason ranking for the first time since the 1980 season without complete dedication, so much so that this stud coach cannot be bothered with snagging a new piece of gum should, by some bizarre twist of fate, the piece in his mouth happen to fall out and onto the ground.

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Thus, because Dentyne obviously respects a man who chews their gum through thick, thin, and drops to the floor (not to mention all this free advertising), the company has made things a little easier on the busy coach by hooking him up with enough gum to last until his grandchildren are enrolled at Indiana.

Of course, now the stakes are raised. Since he doesn’t have to worry about his gum choices, or running out, Crean now has to win the national championship, right Indiana fans?

And don’t you fret, Gamedayr Nation, of course we have the video of Crean losing his gum, enjoy:

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