Former boxer Tommy Morrison passes away at age of 44

Photo: CelebLists

Photo: CelebLists

Former heavyweight boxer Tommy Morrison has passed away at the young age of 44, according to his promoter, Tony Holden.

“It’s true,” said Holden, who resides in Tulsa. “He was with his wife Trisha when he passed.”

Morrison reached fame as Sylvester Stallone’s co-star in Rocky V. He played the part of Tommy Gunn, a young hot-shot heavyweight who learned how to win under Rocky’s tutelage.

He went on to beat George Foreman in real life. The 1993 fight lasted 12 rounds and it gave Morrison the World Boxing Organization title belt. He would lose it later in the year, however, and by 1996 he was done boxing in America.

It was then that he infamously was diagnosed HIV-positive.

Morrison was stripped of his boxing license and became a national media sensation. He vehemently denied having HIV. However, a family member recently stated that Morrison had only been sustained over the last several months by a feeding tube and ventilator.

It is not clear if HIV was the cause of his health decline, but it very well could of been a result of his battle with the disease.

Everyone here at Gamedayr offers condolences to Morrison’s loved ones.

  • Timmy Te-Blow

    Damn. That sucks. I always thought he was beating that disease. I liked him as Tommy Gun in the Rocky movie. He was paper champ in real life, but still fun to watch.