Tony Dorsett offers advice to Jameis Winston

Hall of Fame running back, and winner of the 1976 Heisman Trophy, Tony Dorsett is in New York City for the annual Heisman ceremony. While in town, the legend offered up some advice to presumed Heisman winner Jameis Winston.

In regards to the challenges of being a celebrity, Dorsett acknowledged that players must be judicious when choosing whom they associate with.

“That man has probably learned one of the most valuable lessons you can learn by now. And that’s to be very careful. You can’t trust anybody. You have to have your guard up. You don’t always want to be that way, but sometimes that’s the way you gotta be.”

Many young athletes enter the professional ranks, but are ill-equipped to handle the amount of pressure they will face away from the game. To that point, Dorsett offered up the following:

“Let’s be real,” he said. “This man has a chance to make a lot of money whenever he decides he’s gonna go to the National Football League barring injury. But he’s also going to have to understand how to say no. When you get to this point and you’re a professional athlete, people come out of the cracks, out of the woodwork. All your friends, all your cousins, everybody wants something.  You have to learn how to say no and mean it and not let it affect you.”

Dorsett said that he plans to sit down with Winston, at the request of the quarterback’s parents.

If Winston is looking for more advice on how to handle fame in the modern sports age, he need look no further than Johnny Manziel. After winning the Heisman Trophy last year, Manziel became tabloid fodder for the entire country.

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  • John Q Governor

    Johnny hasn’t succeeded. Why take advice from a guy who doesn’t know how to succeed? Tony, on the other hand, is an excellent choice in that he was so broke he borrowed money from the Cowboys, while still a player. He most certainly would be someone to look to as an example of what you don’t want to have happen (financially).

  • Lagnaf

    no means no