Tim Tebow’s future: Top 10 jobs for ‘The Chosen One’ after being released by Pats

Photo: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

New England did the unforeseen this past Saturday by releasing Tim Tebow. It’s hard to believe such a legendary college player and unique talent may permanently be out of football. We here at Gamedayr hate to see anyone down and out so we’ve compiled a list of potential jobs for Timmy T in his life after football.


Sub out Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless for Chris Matthews and Sean Hannity. Replace debates about throwing the long ball with arguments over his ability to lie and push policy. Yep, this feels perfect.

Custom Sign Printer

We know Tebow will go and do some public speaking. This company builds off his success as a speaker. He creates custom plaques of each speech for people to put on their houses and businesses.

Prison Counselor

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When you’re out of a job and your ex-teammate is in the clink for murder, start counseling. It’ll be like the sports version of Dead Man Walking.


Tim’s not Jewish, so this may be a stretch.

Christian Rock Hype Man

Tebow becomes the Lil Jon of Christian Rock.

Publicist for Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer catches flack whenever Tim Tebow isn’t around. Why not get the world’s most positive player to represent you. Fact: With Tebow on your side, you’re impossible to hate.

TV Fitness Guru

Jack LaLanne, Billy Blanks, Tony Horton … Tim Tebow. Tebow Tae Bo? Oh yeah.

International Beverage Magnate

Tim’s Tea Bows. Get some upscale tea, have the packets shaped like bows, and whammy you’ve got a business. He’s already got inroads to the East with his ties to the Philippines.


Just like JC.


Quote the late Jimmy V: “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.”

Our Vote: Tebow becomes an international rock sensation by forming a Christian rock band with Danny Wuerffel. More details here.