Torii Hunter not happy with celebration of Boston bullpen cop

Boston slugger David Ortiz jacked a grand slam to tie up Game 2 of the ALCS and send Red Sox fans into a frenzy on Sunday night. That includes the cop tasked with more or less safeguarding the players in the bullpen.

Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter went head-over-heels for Ortiz’s home run ball. The combination of Hunter’s effort and the cop celebrating produced the defining moment of the 2013 MLB Playoffs so far – for everyone but Torii Hunter.

The star outfielder was not too amused with the cop’s actions, or should we say lack thereof.

torii hunter angry bullpen cop

torii hunter angry bullpen cop 1

torii hunter angry bullpen cop 2

Reports indicate the Hunter was saying all of this with a trademark smile on his face. However, seeing as this photo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, we can’t blame him for being a bit prickly about the situation.

[H/T: Deadspin]

  • Arkajun

    Hey ease up on the guy. He’s probably just a rent-a-cop making a tad over minimum wage with no authority or even a pistol…and if he does have a pistol, he has to keep one bullet in his shirt pocket like Barney Fife. But he does get into the games for free….if, as a fan, he gets a little excited…so what.

    • forGodsoloved

      that was funny about the barney fife comment…I love barney.


      Sorry Razorback but the cops on duty are all officers of the BPD and the detail pay these guys pull down is probably more than what you make in a week. Make light of the incident but don’t belittle the cop. For all you know he could have been in Copley Sq. the day of the Boston Marathon saving lives.

      • Bob Schnier

        Chill Out

        • DAYDREAM2


  • Robert Skovholt

    He is a Boston cop–probably makes $ 200 K+ per year and will retire after 30 years with a $ 100 K + pension for life.

    • HavocNHell

      200 Grand for a Patrol cop, only if you are commissioner or deputy commissioner.

      • Robert Skovholt

        Not in Boston dude…….this guy made $ 128 K which means he didn’t do a lot of details and overtime……highest paid cop — a Lt — made $ 272 K last year. Boston cops are wayyyy overpaid……

        • HavocNHell

          I know Starting Salary is 78 Grand 47 while in the academy. They do have a wicked union that gives them so much OT

          But, I am talking regular Beat Cop, with no detail assignment.

          Does explain how Boston has such high taxes.

        • HavocNHell

          Read your comment that has not posted. Beat Cop means a cop back in the day that use to walk a beat and earn his “Flat Feet”, instead of driving around in a Patrol Car, not an insult.

    • forGodsoloved

      not sure how much the guy makes, but i bet he has been to more funerals than he would like watching his police buddies getting buried.

      • Robert Skovholt

        Buddies getting buried ? Why ? Police work isn’t any where near the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the US……fishing is one of them…..

        • forGodsoloved

          yeah, fishing can be dangerous. just saying I don’t know how much a cop gets paid, but they are put in a lot of dangerous situations protecting citizens. it’s funny when you think of how much an athlete makes for playing a game…

          • HavocNHell

            You would be surpised of how many Cops who are in LOD that could have been prevented, if they decided not to be Hero Cop, or being a Hero Cop and getting their partner killed.

          • forGodsoloved

            I don’t know how many. I know a lot have died while on duty. trying to be a hero, or not, they paid the ultimate price. I would think most would want to live and not try to be a hero. there are plenty of thugs out there to keep them busy and I think they are trained not only to protect the innocent but also themselves. God bless them.

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  • jjimmydutch

    So Hunter missed the play and it is not the cops fault. Maybe Hunter should realize that he is not as good as he thinks he is and give back his over bloated salary

  • katwoman

    Hunter is joking, relax!

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  • Mac Smith

    Cool your jets everyone. Hunter said it in jest so no need to attack him. Too many anonymous nasties who don’t have a clue when someone is joking. As for the officer, who cares what he gets paid? It’s a ballgame people. Every Red Sox fan watching the game celebrated that hit. Why should this guy be any different?!

  • Joe

    I worked for the NYPD. I had the Madison Square Garden detail.I would have had a lot of explaining to do if something like that happened at the garden, and i did’nt go to the aid of the injured player. I see Hunter’s point!