The Toronto Maple Leafs plan to run away fans with Harlem Shake goal song

Toronto Maple Leafs fans are going to need more than a bag to stop the pain of the Harlem Shake goal song. (John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports)

Is there really any other way to put it than the title of the post? Toronto must want fans to stop coming to their games because this could be the most annoying goal song of all time.

Leave it up to a hockey team to decide to play the Harlem Shake after every single goal.

The only thing that made the uber-annoying song worth putting up with in the first place were the videos and crazy/creative dancing that accompanied them.

The Leafs reached way too far here and now their fans have to suffer for it. Hopefully for their sake the team doesn’t score too often.

h/t Eye On Hockey

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