Maple Leafs fan’s ‘Toronto Stronger’ sign takes cheap shot at Boston

toronto stronger sign

via Version Forty

We usually stand on the side that all is fair when it comes to trash talking the opposing team and rival fans. This, however, is one of the cases where it was taken too far.

The Maple Leafs were facing off against the Boston Bruins in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals in Toronto on Monday night. Following the devastating Boston Marathon bombings, the city of Boston adopted the slogan, “Boston Strong.” This fan decided to take a cheap shot at Boston with a sign that read, “Toronto Stronger.”

First question that comes to mind: Does this guy have a brain?

Second question that pops up: Who are his friends?

And last: Why did he or his friends — if he has any — think it was a good idea to walk out of the house with this sign?

If only you could get rid of the crazy in the world.

[H/T It’s Always Sunny In Detroit]

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