Torrey Smith trolls Mike Tomlin with the stanky leg

The Baltimore-Pittsburgh game on Thanksgiving night came with a bit of controversy. During Jacoby Jones’ kickoff return, in which he found a lane and looked to be off to the races, Mike Tomlin impeded his path by standing on the field. Just as Jones was passing, Tomlin jumped out of the way. It was too late, however, as Jones changed his route and was caught from behind.

[WATCH: Mike Tomlin stands in Jacoby Jones’ way]

Joe Flacco ripped Tomlin for the move. Jones was not pleased either, but laid more of the blame on himself than Tomlin.

Then there is Torrey Smith, who saw the play in a whole new light. To Smith, Tomlin was just practicing his stanky leg dance.

Smith posted the following image to his Instagram account.

Twitter user @MackDaddyWayne was the creator of the image.