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The ballboy Terrence Ross dunked over in 2013 Slam Dunk contest was son of Twitter CEO

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Toronto Raptors guard Terrence Ross leaps over a youngster as he attempts a dunk during the 2013 NBA all star slam dunk contest at the Toyota Center. (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

Terrence Ross brought the house down when he not only dunked over a ball boy, but by putting the ball through his legs while doing so.

Basically, it was the standard ‘through the legs, over the kid, nothing but net’ situation — just like they drew it up.

Well, as it turns out, that is exactly the way it was drawn up, and by Ross’ agent, no less. Even more interesting, the kid getting skied over was the son of none other than Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.

And, well, are you ready for the very best part?

Costolo did not even tweet during it.

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