Twitter Takedown: Fans react to Rick Pitino calling out Digger Phelps before 2013 NCAA Tourney

Notre Dame Fighting Irish former coach Digger Phelps (right) speaks on the set of ESPN College Gameday before the game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Louisville Cardinals at the Purcell Pavilion. (Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports)

“Who has two thumbs, has really pissed off Rick Pitino and has thoroughly bored Dick Vitale? This guy.” — Digger Phelps’ evil twin (Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports)

After coaching college basketball for 20 years, Digger Phelps is seen as an expert in his field, and ESPN pays him handsomely to chat about it on television.

However, one guy doesn’t quite have the same faith in Phelps’ knowledge as the former Notre Dame coach’s resume might suggest.

In fact, after Phelps picked the No. 1-overall Louisville Cardinals to lose in the Sweet 16 to St. Louis, Cards coach Rick Pitino was incensed. In fact, he went so far as to say the Phelps “knows nothing” about the game of basketball.


Well, lucky for us, we can take to the fans in real time to gauge their reactions to this old-school-new-school coaching feud, and, well, their reactions are hilarious.

























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  • G Hawkins

    Coach Phelps knows how to get under an opposing Coach’s skin – did it vs UCLA to stop to undefeated streaks in the early 70’s. This will fluster and enrage Pitino who routinely yells and belittles his players for no good reason. Miami is indeed going all the way, and Digger knows his Hoops. Pitino needs a skotch and soda after Oregon applies the Wedgie, Louisville has great D, but crappy Offense, Watch the Ducks F&$k Pitino like the Bi%tch he is. Final Four: Miami, VCU, Duke and Ohio State. Duke and Miami for the championship and Miami gets RESPECT.

    • Andrew Hankins

      How is your final four working out for ya?????

      • Andrew Hankins

        GOOOOOOOO CARDS!!!!!!!!

    • DiggerNeedsToGo

      you must have listened to Digger to make your picks. You really think Digger knows basketball? He was a decent (not great) coach at ND but played gutless basketball. I almost fell out of my chair listening to him criticize one of the losing teams the other day for playing “not to lose”. Digger made a 20 year career out of playing “not to lose” by taking the air out of the ball … I lived there from 1978-1984 so I got to witness it. It’s sad really – Digger was a decent coach that still wants to be in the spot light, but unfortunately he has just turned into a bitter old man. ESPN needs to replace Digger with someone that can remain objective.

  • scott bbn in murfreesboro tn

    I was a kid when digger brought his shitty team to freedom hall to play the cats..pre shot clock era… won….47 to 32…. You know even less how to score picking games….what a geek….buy a new highlighter and shove it nose digger

  • Time for Digger To Go

    Kinda funny that Digger grabs the only peace of worthless trivia to TRY to defend himself against Pitino. I believe he was 3-1 vs Pitino but what he fails to mention is that Pitino was very early in his career for the first two games at Providence where Digger was 2-0. When Pitino moved to Kentucky they split 1-1. Outside of this worthless piece – comparing the credentials between the two is an absolute joke. 1 final 4 for Digger and 7 for Pitino. 1 National championship (so far) for Pitino and ZERO for Digger. Remember Digger’s only final 4 appearance? ND had multiple future NBA players – Bill Lambeer, Kelly Tripuka, Orlando Woolridge, Bill Hanzlik, and Tracy Jackson. If Pitino, Krzyzewski or just about any other coach in the country had that lineup, you could just mail them the trophy. I’m not sure what started this feud between Digger and Louisville (or against Pitino), but Digger seems to make himself look even more incompetent as he keeps picking against Louisville regardless of the opponent. Even the other Guys on ESPN are laughing at him. Hey Digger – how’s your bracket?