Twitter reacts to crazy Alabama lady fighting during the Sugar Bowl

So a crazy lady, who happened to be an Alabama fan, got into a fight at the Sugar Bowl on Thursday night. I know, I’m surprised too.

Nonetheless, as soon as the footage hit the web the video went viral. Alabama has been good for so long, and many in Tide Nation are so fanatical that any misdeed by the team/fan base captures public opinion.

[WATCH: Alabama fan loses her mind, fights OU fan]

Without further ado, here are some of the best reactions on Twitter regarding a feisty houndstooth-clad woman going HAM on an Oklahoma fan.

Even the guy on the receiving end weighed in.

  • Jessica2248

    He shouldn’t have been talking shit!! Get em Mama!!! Bama Built!!

    • Imbetteroff

      Not as innocent as she’d like folks to think.. Looks to me like her son is trying to start something

      • Jessica2248

        i never said she was innocent at all. but he was talking just as much shit as her. she was drunk (him too probably). wrong all around, but i just thought it was funny how she dove all over everybody, lol! i guess, he shouldn’t been talking shit, lol!

        • Imbetteroff

          First off.. it’s a college football game.. talking shit is as ubiquitous as hot dogs and beer
          Second – if it’s ok for her to kick a guy in the head for talking shit, is it ok for someone to knock her on her ass for doing the same thing? (hint – neither is ok)
          Third – her kid was trying to pick a fight that his mommy felt she had to finish for him..
          (heck, look at what I assume is his dad pulling his shirt to sit the heck back down – I assume he’s dad because he had to pull mama’s drunk butt out of the fray and if he wasn’t her husband you can bet there’d be a whole new fight)
          Are all Alabamans such mama’s boys (at least in the eyes of their mamas) or is this particular family an outlier?

  • Sara

    Ahh yes, solve every altercation you have with violence. Embarrass the shit out of your children, yourself, & your state AND go to jail. Instead of, you know, acting like a fucking adult & getting over it because it’s A GAME.

  • MS Girl

    He shouldn’t have pissed her off but don’t label AL for one persons actions.