Two BAMFs not only sneak into Super Bowl 47, but managed to document the entire thing

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These two Savannah State students took the short trip from Georgia to New Orleans specifically in order to try to sneak into Super Bowl XLVII.

Well, these two brave young men came, saw, outsmarted, and finally just straight up conquered.

The USA Today explains how it all went down:

To start, they walked past more than a dozen police officers who were manning a street barricade, drawing almost no attention to themselves. It proves that acting like you belong is always an effective way of fitting in. Later, the pair navigated tunnels, snuck into a door by acting like they were wheeling in video equipment and mingled in large groups before casually walking through doors that led to the field.

Legen — NO! Wait for it …


Legendary (Legendary Gamedayrs).

Some folks are upset at the actions of these two, calling it breaking and entering and all of that nonsense. But not here. The reason these two have made headlines is because of how utterly rare and undeniably cool their actions were.

How many folks see the price of a Super Bowl ticket on StubHub and wish they could just waltz right inside instead?

Well, these two lived what is for millions of us out there a mere annual daydream — making them, again, Legendary.

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