Tennessee’s Tyler Bray can pass, but he sure can’t talk

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Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Tyler Bray (8) smiles as he leaves the field after his team defeated the Troy Trojans 55-48 during the second half at Neyland Stadium. How much did the close win over a bad team cost? (Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE)

Seriously, someone out there try to name the last time something good came out of the Tennessee football program not named Payton Manning, Phillip Fulmer or Tee Martin?

Lane Kiffin? Yeah, not quite. That dude could not compete within the rules if his life depended on it.

Derek Dooley? Let’s try to not make us laugh, alright? We’ve still got more hatin’ to do today and we’d rather not spill coffee on our computers.

What about current quarterback Tyler Bray? The junior stands in at 6-foot-6, he is widely recognized as one of, if not the, most pure pocket passers in the SEC and nation, and he broke Manning’s school record for passing yards when he threw for 530 yards in a single game.

The numbers aren’t bad, but the problems have been that the wins just haven’t come with them.

Even worse than that?

Not only have the wins been totally, entirely absent from SEC play, but Bray has not even been trying to win for the love of his school and his program.

The dude’s been trying to win for the money.

Whatever you say buddy.

All we’ve got to say is this: With an 0-6 start to the SEC season, there are plenty of Vols’ boosters out there who are probably kicking themselves now.

If these guys are paid to win games, those “fundraisers” have wasted their money.

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