UFC’s Matt Brown thinks women fighters should be topless on pay-per-view

UFC fighter Matt Brown dropped some misogyny on the world of sports during a recent podcast. In reference to UFC pay-per-views, the welterweight said that, for the money people pay, women fighters should be topless.

I always said, ‘I don’t know why they put women in the UFC.’ Now I know why. I just think this, if I’m [going] to pay $60 for a pay-per-view to watch women fight they should at least be topless. How many knockouts do you see in women’s fights? It’s not really my thing, I respect what they do, but look, they don’t have the body type or the power … for knockouts.

So, to get this straight, Brown respects what women competitors do, just not $60 worth. Now if they get topless, the respect then climbs a tier. But hey, he said all this on the “Legit Man Shit” podcast, so it’s all within the bro code.

Wonder what Ronda Rousey thinks about the meathead mentality.