Nevada honors former star Colin Kaepernick with world’s largest ‘Kaepernicking’ party [Video]

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Photo courtesy USA Today

After being selected in the second round of the NFL Draft, former Nevada Wolf Pack star Colin Kaepernick spent his entire first season on the bench behind former No. 1-overall pick Alex Smith in San Francisco. However, after Smith suffered a concussion midway through the 2012 season, Kaepernick was afforded his first chance to start for the 49ers, and the dual-threat star has not looked back once.

With extremely limited playing time under his belt, Kaepernick has already managed to not only lead his Niners to a Super Bowl XLVII date with the Baltimore Ravens but to become a cultural phenomenon in the process.

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His touchdown celebration is simple: The speedster with a rocket arm crosses the goal line, looks up to the crowd, and down, kissing his bicep — seemingly straight out of Hulk Hogan’s playbook.

Wherever Kaepernick got the idea, the move has blown up, with people taking ‘Kaepernicking’ to the next level all over the country.

That includes his alma mater, Nevada. At a basketball game against San Diego State, and with 7,924 fans in attendance, a planned ‘Kaepernicking’ was held. As far as anyone has surmised, this was the single largest celebration of the move in its very brief history.

Good thing the man himself has filed the initial paperwork to have the term ‘Kaepernicking’ trademarked — thousands upon thousands of people are getting into the craze, apparently.

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