Urban Meyer talks about Tim Tebow: ‘I think he is going to win a Super Bowl’

Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow (15) hugs head coach Urban Meyer (second from right) after their game against the Cincinnati Bearcats during the 2010 Sugar Bowl at the Louisiana Superdome. Florida defeated Cincinnati 51-24. (Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports)

Since winning not one, but two national championships at the University of Florida, the careers of Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow have diverged greatly. Meyer left Florida to eventually take over at Ohio State, and in his first season running the program led the Buckeyes to a pristine, 12-0 record. Tebow, on the other hand watched from the sidelines after being selected in the first round by the Denver Broncos, led the team to a playoff win, then was traded to the Jets — where he inexplicably sat on the bench despite the horrendous play of starter Mark Sanchez.

While the number of Tebow detractors seems to continue to grow among the professional ranks, Tebow’s former coach still has an unyielding faith in his former star pupil.

According to Only Gators Get Out Alive, Meyer spoke to WOCA 1370 AM and 96.3 FM on Wednesday regarding a variety of topics. Of course, the answers that made headlines were those Meyer made on his most famous former player, Tim Tebow.

“I think I’m like every Gator fan and anybody that just appreciates great people and great warriors. There’s got to be a team – it all comes down to one team believing in a human being or believing in an athlete or a player. I think I got the same feeling as most everybody that watched him and grew up with him.

“All they need is to let him get his foot in the door and he’s going to win games, and I think he’s going to win a Super Bowl. I still believe that, probably because I spent as much or more time with him as any other coach. I have that much confidence in him.”

That confidence runs deeper than Tebow’s Heisman Trophy, and deeper than their dual title runs. The two are still incredibly close. Meyer told the radio station that he and Tebow still speak very regularly. However, during recent phone calls, Meyer admitted that the circus situation was beginning to wear on the quarterback.

“He’s a positive guy. He wants to win. He’s a winner. He’s always won. This losing thing doesn’t really sit well with him,” Meyer said. “He wants to be on a team that’s … he believes New York is committed to win. He has a lot of respect from Coach [Rex] Ryan. He’s a guy that’s pretty positive all the time, but I could see there was a little bit of worry in his face, concern.”

There is no doubting Tebow is an extremely competitive person. However, no matter how much time Meyer has spent with the nation’s most controversial backup quarterback, and no matter how respected he is as a coaching mind, there does not seem to be anyone in the NFL that is willing to take competitiveness over talent.

The Jets made their intentions very clear recently. New York was going to try to shop Tebow at the NFL Combine over the weekend, and if there were no takers, The Chosen One was going to be released from the team at their earliest convenience. Thus, either way, Tebow will be with a new team after March 12.

Jacksonville, Tebow’s hometown team, has, to put it lightly, stunk up the field over the last decade. However, newly hired general manager David Caldwell stated unequivocally that Tebow will not be a part of the Jags’ future.

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