Urban Meyer writes great response to two-year old ‘recruit’

Photo: Fox 8 Cleveland

Photo: Fox 8 Cleveland

Above is the flier young Sullivan Busser’s parents put together to advertise their son as a prime recruit for Urban Meyer’s 2029 recruiting class. Obviously, the two-year old has himself some moves, not to mention a laser-rocket right arm and an undying passion for all things Buckeyes football.

In just a classy move, Urban Meyer himself responded to Busser’s letter. He was extremely encouraging – although of course 25 pounds is not heavy enough to compete in the Big Ten.

Dear Sullivan:

Your parents sent us your future Buckeye recruiting information.  We will look for you to make your collegiate football debut in 2029 — you will need to gain a little weight, but our strength staff will take care of that!  Go Bucks!


Urban Meyer
Head Football Coach

Meyer takes a lot of flak for how he unceremoniously left Florida and most recently for the Aaron Hernandez investigation. However, the coach often takes time out of his busy schedule to show fans the appreciation he has for them.

Plus, it’s never too early nowadays to get in the good graces of potential recruits’ parents.

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