Usain Bolt is not impressed by Justin Gatlin’s 100 meter win

The world’s fastest human being took to the tack on Thursday afternoon in Rome to race against the best the world had to offer, and down went Frazier.

For the first time in his track career, Jamaican Usain Bolt was beaten by American Justin Gatlin.

But, that doesn’t mean Bolt has to be impressed, now does it?

Gatlin ran a 9.94 compared to Bolt’s 9.95. To give you just a little perspective, Bolt holds the world-record at 9.58 seconds.

So no, Bolt doesn’t have to be impressed.

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usain bolt face justin gatlin loss

Photo via Twitter (@EurosportCom_TR)

  • Pipey

    Who asked him to be impressed?

  • lily

    of course he is not impressed! gatlin has a history of using drugs..furthermore bolt ids just warming up! Aint nobody got time to be impressed by gATLIN of all persons!