USC Trojans basketball players reportedly involved in fight in Spokane following loss to Cougars

Photo courtesy KREM Washington/Spokane

Photo courtesy KREM Washington/Spokane


As of Monday morning, no USC players have been identified in the massive Saturday night brawl in Spokane and no arrests have been made. According to The Spokesman-Review, Spokane police are still investigating the fight in which witnesses claim that basketball players were involved.

“We had a large fight. We have not been able to find any connection to any sports team,” Gately said. “Some of the witnesses said USC, but others said Arizona State and USF (University of San Francisco).”

“We are just learning of this report,” USC sports information director Tim Tessalone told The Spokesman Review. “We are just kind of looking into it and trying to find out the facts.”

Noel Macapagal, an employee and former owner of The Wave Sushi and Sports Grill, told KREM that the individuals claimed to be USC Trojans. He went on to describe the event:

“We had a person knocked out cold, a female employee who suffered a broken nose and another employee with a broken jaw as well,” Macapagal said.

“Another fracas breaks out with the 7-footer. His friend, another 7-footer, comes out of the Satellite and proceeds to start hitting people in the crowd,” Macapagal said. “One victim got knocked out who had nothing to do with this situation. And the player was kicking the guy who was down.”

“They were saying they were with USC. They were shouting anti-Spokane rhetoric,” Macapagal said.

From the sounds of it, there still seems to be a lot of unknowns regarding the entire incident, and whether or not any Trojans players were actually involved despite the claims of witnesses.

We will keep you updated here as any new information surfaces.


Several members of the USC basketball team were involved in a brawl on Saturday night in downtown Spokane, Washington. All we know right now, according to KREM Spokane, is that four people, including two women, are in the hospital with injuries and two USC basketball players are reportedly the reason.

The Trojans were in town to face Washington State, and got blown out by the Cougars, 76-51. It was not the first blowout the team has suffered during the 2012-13 season, and judging by their game play this year, it probably won’t be the last.

“I’m not going to guess at why, but there’s no justification for their actions. There’s no reason why,” Noel Macapagal of The Wave on First Avenue said.

At closing time, Macapagal got a call from some employees about a huge fight a block away. He says it was the second fight of the night. The first allegedly started at MarQuee Lounge with the same group of people.

“They were saying they were with USC. They were shouting anti-Spokane rhetoric,” Macapagal said.

Spokane police say the descriptions they have also fit two USC players. Macapagal said he ran into the same guys at Satellite Diner early Sunday morning.

“Immediately out of the Satellite comes one of the assailants. The first person of inertest was 7-feet-tall, 260 pounds and is the center for USC. He was looking drunk, looking belligerent, calling out our guys, basically admitting to what he had done. [Including] hitting several people, including two women,” Macapagal said.

The entire year was been an extremely frustrating campaign for the USC Trojans. We’re not even talking about the football team, who stunk up the gridiron in 2012-13. Basketball coach Kevin O’Neill was fired following a 7-10 start and the team has continued to struggle ever since.

We will keep you updated here as new information surfaces.

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  • fuck gamedayr

    great example of unbiased reporting

  • Franklin

    Yet another embarrassment for USC athletics: a 7’ 260 lb guy hitting women. Wonderful! I wish the cops would, just in passing, have asked this fine student-athlete, what classes he was taking this semester. They’d discover that Uh and Duh are not in the college catalogue…


    Satellite Lounge? Anti-Spokane rhetoric. What planet are we on. Does Boston engage in anti NY any team rhetoric. We need to sue the USC team and pronto.