Nailed It! USF badly mispells name of Justin Brockhaus-Kann, Special Teams POY [Photo]

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Image courtesy @Ameliaaa_P

Fifth-year senior Justin Brockhaus-Kann proved an invaluable weapon as South Florida’s punter in 2012. In fact, after a fantastic season, the Bulls awarded Mr. Brockhaus-Kann with their Special Teams Player of the Year award.

However, when he was presented with the plaque at halftime of USF’s basketball game against Louisville, he had to have been a bit confused.

He was presented with what read Justin Brouckhaus Kahn — not even close.

Did the school forget who he was? Did someone forget to use spellcheck?

Whatever happened, hopefully the punter did not take it too personally. Just take a look at the word ‘offensice’ right above it.

Well, USF, you nailed it!

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