Video: Stanford practicing formation with nine offensive linemen

stanford nine-man offensive line

Which shape does not fit into the rest of the pattern? Pac-12 high-fliers such as Oregon, Washington State, Arizona, UCLA and others have all eliminated as many linemen as possible in spreading out their offense to the max.

Not powerhouse Stanford, however.

While the rest of the conference – not to mention most of the Big 12 and even some of the traditionally rough-and-tumble Big Ten and SEC – is moving to wider formations and faster plays, the Cardinal is spending practice time figuring out how to most effectively move the ball forward an inch or two at a time.

The answer? Get those little wideouts out of there and let the big boys do the work. Stanford is literally working on a formation that includes nine offensive linemen, the quarterback and one back behind him. Somewhere in Philadelphia, Chip Kelly can’t believe he was ever even in the same league as coach David Shaw’s crew.

Coaching Search captured the quote from offensive line coach Mike Bloomgren:

“It’s really unique that we’re not playing with just five offensive linemen, not trying to get just five to gel, but six, seven, eight, even the package we put in yesterday with nine offensive linemen in the game at one time.”

If only they could figure out how to get a fat guy under center … oh yes, Kentucky made that happen in the early 2000’s with Jared Lorenzen.

[H/T: SB Nation]