Throwback Thursday: Florida Gators D flops against Miami in 1971

florida gators miami hurricanes flop

With the 1971 rivalry game between Florida and Miami all but wrapped up in a blowout for the Gators, UF coach Doug Dickey and his players still had a little work to do. Quarterback John Reaves was only a few short yards away from recording what was at the time college football’s all-time passing yards record.

It is a prestigious mark, to be sure, but what Dickey’s defense did to get Reaves the ball back was not quite so glamorous. Reaves had thrown an interception, giving Miami the ball close to the end zone. In order to give Reaves one last shot at the record, Florida’s defense laid down – quite literally – and allowed the Canes to waltz – quite literally – into the end zone. Reaves would eventually hit the legendary Carlos Alvarez to break Jim Plunkett’s mark.

Was it a bush league move? If you ask a Miami fan, of course it was. George Mills, this segment’s reporter, definitely believes so as well. He seems pretty peeved.

The majority of Florida fans, on the other hand, see it quite differently. That’s what makes a rivalry of this scale so great.

Could you even imagine the amount of kicking and screaming guys like Skip Bayless and Steven A. would do if something like this went down during the Gators’ and Canes’ noon showdown this Saturday? Utter debate mayhem, that’s what.