Could this be the most impressive alley-oop dunk we have ever seen? [Video]

alley oop dunk insane

Nothing will ever top DeAndre Jordan’s straight murdering of Brandon Knight in terms of hang time, and since it was in an actual NBA game, it gets mad bonus points.

That being said, please, whatever you do, just watch this pass and then slam — Pat the Roc does it huge at the “CRL Good Life Foundation Celebrity Game”.

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Is your mind blown yet? Because ours are.

And hey, maybe this video will actually turn Pat the Roc into a celebrity, right?

h/t: BroBible

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  • trey1

    sorry, i’ve seen that happen before at the derby classic 3 years ago

  • Jimmers

    Something’s not right about this video. When the first guy bounces the ball and it goes up in an arc to the backboard (which in itself seems unusual), there is a “stutter” in the clip. Looks to me like it has been “doctored” somehow. I don’t know how to “manage” video clips, but this one is suspicious to me. Doesn’t diminish the ability of the second guy who does the dunk, but just looks a little “fishy.”

  • dramacidal

    the “And 1” street ballers used to do this move ALLLLL of the time