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Video: Amanda Dufner and husband Jason go hiking

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Seeing that there is no chance Jason Dufner chose this wonderful outing with his wife, Amanda, we went ahead and titled the post accordingly. In fact, anytime Dufner does something that’s based solely off a decision made by Amanda, we will be sure to give credit where it’s due.

[PHOTOS: Amanda Dufner impresses on Instagram]

Amanda and The Duf threw on their workout gear (we are using that term loosely with respect to Duf) while in Maui, Hawaii and hit the hiking trail. The result was a fantastic video of Amanda enjoying every minute of the walk, while Jason looks like he’s as thrilled as Bill Belichick in a press conference. A good question after watching the video is: who’s the real athlete in this relationship?

If Jason Dufner isn’t the definition of “The American Dream,” then we don’t know what is.

We know you didn’t quite enjoy the day, Duf, but the Internet thanks you for putting yourself through the torture for this amazing GIF.

[Thanks to Eye On Golf for the trail tip]


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