Video and photo of Louisville’s Kevin Ware’s gruesome broken leg injury [Warning: Graphic in nature]

Following is a video and pictures of the gruesome leg injury suffered by Kevin Ware in Louisville’s Elite Eight game against Duke. If you do not want to see it, or perhaps feel queasy, please just close out this window now.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ware and his family at this time.

kevin ware broken leg injury

Photo via Twitter (@OH_MY_J0SH_).

Photo via Twitter (@LYeezy_).

Photo via Twitter (@LYeezy_).

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  • Brian Givens

    I am a Ketucky fan, but at this point it’s hard not to pull for the Cards. That is one of the worst injuries I’ve seen, and I hope Kevin a speedy recovery. Your are in our prayers, God bless.

  • Patty Weller

    Thank u for your courage u put the cards in a position to win the championship thank u!!!!

  • alcapwned

    holy crap

  • Chris fuldner

    Prayers go out to him

  • TheArtisticOne

    It is a terrible injury, and I wish him speedy recovery. But look at all these grown ass men crying. The man isn’t going to die from a broken leg. Lawd!

    • Seth

      So it seems like this stupid bastard doesn’t realize the severity of this injury, no athlete should ever have to witness or suffer this type of injury. Just horrific, you’re a terrible person to talk about his teammates reactions. I like for you to watch a family or friend leg snap like that and see your reaction. INCONSIDERATE!!

    • KingsfanJan

      Get your facts straight…it’s a compound fracture, can get infection, sepsis and die, or blood clot and die…it’s very serious and shame on you for your idiotic and insensitive comment. Prayers for Kevin for a positive outcome.


      Actually a person can die from a broken leg. A little over 2 years ago there was a young man from cody zellers hometown of Washington Indiana who passed away after throwing a blood clot due to broken leg he suffered in a car accident. They were just worried about teammate lighten up on the young men.

    • Anthony Campanella

      This is an athlete’s worst nightmare. imagine your worst nightmare happening in front of your eyes. I’d be crying too.

    • Rie

      Shame on You!! Don’t you have any compassion? What kind of person r u? As said, people can die from these types of injuries! What if u or a close friend had something like this happen? I’m appalled at your insensitivity!

  • MB

    Amazing bravery and total warrior to pull his team together after such a horrific injury. G-d bless him and a speedy recovery!!!

    • danny

      he is tough. i would be crying and he wasn’t

  • mooncricketz

    Prayers for a speedy recovery to this promising young man and his team.

  • Atlee

    God bless to Ware and his family. My God! That was the most gruesome injury I Havre ever seen in college bball! Go win the whole damn thing Cardinals! VT fan pulling for you guys!

  • wow

    good thing he is in Indianapolis, the hospital they took him too is use to treating this level of trama from the Indy500 crashes

  • Stefanie Walker Poucher

    Oh my!! Prayers for healing… What a horrific injury.. 🙁

  • brebre

    i hope he has a speedy recovery

  • Swagg


  • Michael

    Seth and TheArtisticOne, obviously the team was very close knit together, so why the heck are you saying they are a bunch of wussies!? good lord, seems like you two don’t get the meaning of TEAM, except for Seth for the most part. It’s bad for both Kevin and the teammates cause obviously they lost a good player. Anyway I wish Kevin Ware a speedy recovery and will be praying for him. Hope Louisville wins the whole thing!

  • Rebecca Durrance

    I watched in horror just like all did. My thoughts and prayers goes out to Kevin for a speedy and healthy recovery. You are a champ. Go Cards!!!!

  • CamDrewGaming

    I feel really bad, I dont really like college basketball, nor basketball, but this is really gruesome.. Probably the worst injury in basketball EVER.. I am disgusted, but my best prayers go to Kevin Ware, god bless him.

  • jdrabc

    A total freak landing. His body weight landed on his toes and the shin just snapped. Frightening to watch. The poor guy…

  • seth

    Why u guys reacting like this men and women in the military get much worse wwounds than this and they dont get recongnized for it?

    • Aboyle

      You’re right! Our Bravest of Brave, don’t always get the recognition they deserve, & it’s horrible! As an American, I make it a point (& teach my children to do the same) to thank every service person I come in contact with for: Their Service; Their Sacrifices; AND my Freedom! Even those behind desks here in the US, bc that’s a job that still needs doing!
      However, the public, whom they are fighting for, don’t always SEE those injuries ever, much less LIVE on television, or the web. God Bless Kevin, AND our troops!

      • get real

        seth, they don’t get recognized because they’re not televised live in front a national tv audience. pretty dumb statement.

    • danny

      i know right. they should be. i know a guy in the army and did not have a bad wound and was recognized. that is very weird

  • flankster

    ouch my owie


    kevin ware i wish you luck in all your games hope you set well

    • danny

      me 2

  • scooter9999

    maybe obama and the dems can do something about this, maybe ban basketball, then no one will ever suffer and injury like this, :- o

    • Tim Bullock

      You are an idiot scooter. Maybe President Obama can get you some grammer lessons so that you will know the proper word is “an” not “and”. It appears that you may be upset about the potential gun ban. I’m a gun lover, but your ignorant comment makes me believe that you are probably a person that doesn’t need to own one. God bless you Kevin and your teammates.

  • danny

    poor Kevin. even though i dont know him i almostd cried. that had to hurt

  • Catspawsky

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin Ware. He is such a great athlete and I have no doubt that he will come back strong.

  • brebre

    eek i would be dieing w/ tears if that happend 2 my best friend way to hang in there behanan and ware im proud

  • James Bronson

    Got milk?

  • Bo2

    COD Bo2

  • Jorge Sanchez

    I have never seen a injury that bad before. I recently broke my wrist and i thought my break was bad he made me look like a fool with the break that he got. But i hope he will be okay and will be able to have a fast recovery.

  • Jorge Sanchez

    Kevin is a strong and very brave man. He is a very inspiring person to me as well as louisvilles whole team. That was very sad to see kevin go down the way he did and tell his coach not to worry about and him win the game. I hope kevin gets to continue his basketball career. I hope kevin can recover fast

  • marvon


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  • big bob


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