Video: Andrew Wiggins shows off new Kansas jerseys for GQ Magazine

andrew wiggins model jerseys GQ magazine

Has Andrew Wiggins played a college basketball game yet? Nope. What about participated in an official practice? Again, nope.

That’s how big-time Kansas’ new superstar is already. Compared by some as a young LeBron James, Wiggins was tasked with doing his best “Magnum” impression and model the Jayhawks’ new uniforms for GQ Magazine.

If what he’s wearing looks more or less the same as what the team wore last year, that’s because outside a couple of minor change it is. The home whites Wiggins is sporting now features a blue stripe on each shoulder. Conversely, road blues will boast a white stripe on their shoulders.

What do you think about the new look? More importantly, how excited are you to see Wiggins ball out hard in Lawrence this winter?

[H/T: FTW]