Iraq War vet-turned Arizona Cardinals cheerleader arrested for assault

megan welter arizona cardinals iraq assault

On Thursday, Megan Welter was a viral video star, and deservedly so. Her story is unique and one that should be celebrated. After graduating from college, she served a 16-month tour of duty in Iraq. She is still a member of the Army Reserves, but probably the only one cheerleading for an NFL team.

The fact that a hero was dancing on the sidelines of Arizona Cardinals home games captured the attention of the nation.

Unfortunately, only a day later, the country learns that Welter had been arrested on July 20 for the alleged assault of her boyfriend. AZ Family has the gritty details:

Welter reportedly told officers her boyfriend attacked her first, pushing her and even choking her. According to the police report, however, there were no marks on her — no bumps or bruises, no signs that she had been hit or strangled as she claimed.

When Welter called 911, she told the operator that her boyfriend was a “professional fighter” and had “smashed [her] head into tile” and had put her in what she described as a “choke hold with his legs.”

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