Video: Arkansas fan Liz Honey is back with 2013 Razorbacks rap video

liz honey arkansas razorbacks rap

If you have yet to be introduced to Liz Honey, well, allow us to treat you to a treat. This die-hard Arkansas fan has posted plenty of videos in the past, but mostly stuck to the realm of song parodies or covers.

No longer – just like she is hoping to see out of her Razorbacks, this Hog-wearin’, Woo Pig Sooie-chantin’ gal has busted out of the mold.

Mizz Honey is now doing her own Arkansas-inspired raps, complete with audio from coach Bret Bielema’s introductory press conference. We would tease, but in all honesty, we’re just plain old impressed.

Just for reference, check out how far Liz Honey has come in less than a year. The clip below is from December of 2012, just after news broke of the hiring of Bielema.


[H/T: Lost Lettermen]

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