Video: ‘Around the Horn’ debates if the Florida Gators are the best team

The best part of ESPN’s Happy Hour shows “Around the Horn” and “Pardon the Interruption” might just be the behind the scenes look during commercial breaks. During Monday’s episode of ATH, the crew debated on whether or not the Florida Gators are the best team in basketball.

Israel Gutierrez opens with a pretty humorous dig at Wichita State before talking about how anyone could beat the Gators if they have an off night – an argument that might be the most overused in sports. The truth of the matter is any team can be beaten on an off night. Gutierrez does bring up an interesting debate, however, in that the Gators could potentially be undefeated if the team was at full strength the whole season. Although it’s a moot point seeing that we will never know.

Nonetheless, this debate from the guys is pretty entertaining.

  • Heath

    As far as teams getting hot from the perimeter, Auburn went 10-for-19. That’s pretty hot, and we still beat them (barely). UConn went 11-for-24, and we were in a position to win. But like you said ANY team can lose if they have an off night, and ANY team is vulnerable if their opponent gets really hot from the perimeter. A better argument (although not against the Gators) would be to discuss a team’s PROPENSITY for having “off nights”.