Video: Old Arizona State fan kicks fellow fan in face at football game

A fan was kicked in the face at an Arizona State football game. The video picks up with people heckling the older fan and the student. Then the older fan goes foot to mouth.

Normally these kinds of altercations at college football games happen between adrenaline-filled, possibly inebriated, students. In this case, it looks like the older guy wanted to get in on the action. He sure knows how to use the high ground to his advantage.

Looks like fights in the stands aren’t just an NFL problem after all.

SB Nation dropped that thun thun.

[Thanks to Deadspin for the karate kick]

  • hill60

    Don’t know who wrote the headline – but I’ve got news for you: “Old Arizona State” fans don’t wear blue to an Arizona vs. ASU game. The old geezer was an Arizona fan – not an Arizona State fan.