Video: Auburn’s Anthony Swain appears to fake injury against Arkansas

Auburn dispatched of the Arkansas Razorbacks, 35-17, in week 10 of the 2013 college football season. The Tigers did not do so without controversy, though.

Linebacker Anthony Swain appears to fake an injury with the Hogs closing in on the goal line.

The Tigers have shot up the national polls after first-year coach Gus Malzahn instituted his wide open offensive scheme in The Plains. One might expect players to try to fake an injury against them, to slow them down – not the other way around. Not against an Arkansas team that runs a much more conservative offense.

Malzahn, however, said there was no acting involved:

“No,” Malzahn responded when asked about the fall. “We don’t tell our kids to fake.”

Take a peek at the clip of Swain going down. Do you think he was faking?

  • jake holman

    Of course it’s fake. Watch the way he has to be ‘helped’ off the field by 2 trainers. Based on how it looked when he came off the field, have you ever ever seen a player whose knee appeared to be hurt that bad who was able to walk around and stand idly around on that knee for several seconds with no apparent problem? Right. I haven’t either.